Have you ever wondered how your children see you as a Mum?

As it is mothers Day coming up I thought I’d like to write a lighthearted post about the ways our children perceive us Mums. My son being a bit of a film and telly addict means his habit of comparing me to on screen Mums has given me some clues…

Marg Simpson

When my son was first at school,the first Mum he compaired me with was Marg Simpson. Keeping things together while her more fun but less responsible husband causes her countless headaches she always stays positive. In the early years of the break up between my sons dad and I this was very much my role and I always tried to be positive about my ex even if at times it wasn’t easy. I think my son nailed it on this one!

Beverly Goldberg

As my son got older my son starting comparing me to Beverly from the Goldberg’s. Feisty, over protective ‘smoother’ that she is, Beverly lives for her children. Well known for scrapbooking, power-dressing and cooking huge meals Beverly lives to take care of her family. When my son was making this comparison I was fighting for support for him at school, so like they did with Beverly, teachers ducked when they saw me on the war path! I had begun working at home and did lots of baking to keep me sane and use to wear heels and bright dresses to keep it appearing like I had it together more than I actually did. I can see why he saw me as Beverly.

Linda Belcher

The most recent comparison I have had from my son and probably my most favourite is Linda from Bobs Burgers. Loud, quirky and full of fun Linda enjoys a glass of wine, singing and chatting. She accepts her slightly off the wall kids just as they are and supports every thing they do even when it is seemly ill advised. I am not sure how much like her I really am although come to think of it I do enjoy chatting, singly loudly at home and who does like wine… ?! She would definitely be a great friend if she was a real person..

Whats great about all the characters is they love their children more than anything, they all play a huge and important role in their children’s lives and they are all so obviously loved by their families. Now these characters may be real mums, the fact they were all originally written by men means they were likely based on childhood experiences of these writers real Mums and through these characters we can see how important the role of Mum really is to their children and beloved they are, warts, eccentricities and all. This is why when my Son says to me ‘You are such a mum’ I know it is the greatest compliment I could have from my child.

So Happy Mother’s Day, Remember every one of you Mums are the leading lady in your family and your kids don’t miss a thing, but your don’t need to be perfect or just like every other Mum to be a great one, you just need to love your children more than anything else..

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2 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered how your children see you as a Mum?

  1. Well I think your a fabulous mum.

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    1. Thank you. You are too kind. Just swinging by the seat of my pants most times (sorry any unwanted mental images this phrase can provoke!). 😱

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