Why are we so afraid of difference? Greta Thunburg – A case in point.

Please bear with me because this is just a theory that has developed in my head. I wasn’t even planning on writing a blog post today so I’m not saying you should agree or even that I think it’s right but I thought I wanted to see it through and find out where it lead me…

Seeing the recent coverage of Greta Thunburg on TV and social media has really made me think about why society hates difference so much? I mean let’s put this into perspective our children are out on the street fighting to insure that their world is still here while the adults (including politicians!) and media attention seems to be pointed at their ‘leader’ (more correctly inspirer) for being, in their summation, either cutely disabled or ‘weird’.

Again; Primary aged children (and up) are out on the street protesting because they believe that their world might end before they become adults and, we are attacking the child who inspired them to stand up and be heard instead of living quietly in fear, because she is autistic?

Seeing this scenario that, to me at least, made no sense I decided to look at it more closely and I realised as a society, hell, as a world we are frightened of difference. We are apparently more frightened of difference than we are the end of the world and what possible reason could there be for this? Why would anyone be afraid of the world being a more diverse, inspiring , and beautiful place where we can all learn from each other?

The only conclusion I can come to is people like their bubble, they do not like their beliefs to be challenged, they do not like their world to be rocked, they feel safer with the familiar. Nothing could represent all of this more than a girl from overseas with a differently functioning brain not behaving like a dutiful child.

What terrifies me is a world of grey, perfectly plasticky enhanced people marching in formation to the edge of a metaphorical cliff. Thank goodness for autistic minds that challenge us to think outside the box, thank goodness for culture and race, and sexual diversity. Our seemly endless search for perfection is what has ruined this world with its plastic wrapped unblemished fruit creating mountains of waste, it’s multi billion pound cosmetics industry polluting our water and its need for physical perfection damaging our children.

I see a chilling similarity with this scenario with the drama of Game of Thrones where humans are so busy fighting each other because of their perceived differences and generations of prejudices they are maybe leaving it to late to come together and fight the real enemy and save their world. That story too is centred around a disabled boy (Bran) who is driven to travel to seek the truth and then share his vision of the future, the only difference is in this fictional world he is listened to and respected by all.

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