The importance of standing up for PDA.

This post from LovePDA says all I would want to say on the subject. Let’s get PDA accepted here in the UK not just for our child but for all children and adults who are not being heard and accepted for who they are or getting the support they deserve. So after you have read this why not head over to the PDA societies webpage by following this link and copy their draft email and send it to your MP urging them to support the early day motion about PDA?



My darling husband was born in 1967. When he was born, the ‘theory’ of the origins of autism was that it was caused by parents not loving their children enough and the term ‘refrigerator parents’ was coined. (This is where we all pause and then gasp).

51 years is not a long time in the scheme of things and that belief is so ridiculous to us now that words cannot even sum up the embarrassment that follows such ignorance and closed minds . So why on earth can professionals have the permission to cast an equally ridiculous statement regarding the validity of PDA? Why are Doctors not open minded to new ideas and what makes one specialist sit down and discover new human conditions and the next just follow the papers when they have a true example of the people they are paid to help sitting right in front of…

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