Unschooling A Neuroatypical Child

I had to reblog this post because it is so very beautiful and true and puts words to my feelings about how my son is thriving now he has the attitudes, people and situation he needs. At the end she says ‘What I am here to tell you is that unschooling has given my fish the ocean.’

I believe every child should have their ocean, forest, mountain or whatever their perfect environment to thrive looks like for them.

Thank you ‘The Untamed’ for this..

The Untamed

I have thought about writing this post for a while, and I haven’t up until now for a variety of reasons. Firstly, each of my children have a story and it is theirs to tell. I try not to share their highs and lows, successes and vulnerabilities without their permission. The second reason is because I don’t really think there is any difference in approach to unschooling a neuroatypical child vs a neurotypical child.

My eldest child is the former. My other two children are the latter.

grief photo 1

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